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The City of Shar
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7th-May-2011 09:21 pm - Samanayrs on Facebook!
Samanayrs are now on Facebook!

I'll be adding links to new events and stuff on the page, and also sharing some images of recent Sams. I don't really use this LJ community anymore so it's a good place to go to get your Samanayrs news!
23rd-May-2010 09:26 pm - Samanayr updates via LJ?
I'm wondering if I should still be posting Samanayr event updates and such through the LJ community. Everything takes place at the forum these days, but I know not everyone remembers to check the forum regularly. If you'd like me to post event announcements and updates here, please let me know!

On that note, breedings are open for 12 more hours!

Samanayr Gift-o-rama!

The gift-o-rama is a chance to gift Samanayrs, pets, and items! The gift-o-rama will be open for a couple of weeks so there's plenty of time to get in on the gifting, and put your name down on the hopefuls list :D


Guest artists!

For the first time ever, we have Samanayr guest artists - 11 of them! Their first 11 Samanayrs, based on the song "The Twelve Days of Christmas," will be given away in a series of events starting December 8. In the meantime, you can admire them in the adoptable intros thread on PI!

Don't worry, you won't need to me a member of PI to participate in any of the events - you'll be able to participate on the Samanayr forum :D

16th-Nov-2009 12:01 am - NaNoWriMo, and seeking guest artists!
For the first time ever, I'm looking for Samanayr guest artists! I'm hoping for at least 11 for a Christmas event with Samanayrs based on the "Twelve Days of Christmas" song. Applications close tomorrow (since I forgot to post this here, sorry!) but for more details check out the information post on the forum:


And if you're participating in NaNoWriMo this year, I'm offering prizes for everyone who reaches at least 10k words!

Crazily enough, it's the 10th birthday of Samanayrs XD They officially began 10 years ago in August.

To celebrate, there's a ton of events happening on the forums - an art contest, writing contest, random games and events, draws, Frankensam, and more! Visit the Events and Availability board to see what's going on, and to enter the various contest!


I'm going to be drawing today on Ustream starting at 1pm PDT, and as usual, a Samanayr will be drawn live and given away to a lucky random viewer! All you need to do to enter the draw is pop by the show and log into your Ustream account so that I can see you in the chat and know you were there.

Although there is a chat, it is G-rated and closely moderated by me. The show password is pickledfigs!


Some examples of previous Ustream giveaway SamsCollapse )

200th Sam design contest

Not the 200th Sam overall, but the 200th one since I started giving them ID numbers XD You can come enter your design over at the Samanayr forum, and the entry post also has more information about rules and prizes. The winner will have their design become the 200th Sam!

1st-Jun-2009 01:08 pm - New Samanayr database!
Thanks to the awesome Jennalyn (from the Samanayr forums, not PI), the Samanayr website now has a searchable database and other awesome features :D

Awesome features!Collapse )

This is a very exciting update to the Samanayr website, and I'd like to give a huge thanks to Jennalyn and to everyone who helped out with the testing :D

Although this is super cool and I can't wait to have everyone playing around with it, please read the following rules and info first:

- Each person can only have one database account.
- Username must be exactly what you want placed in each Samanayr's 'Owner' category. If you are unsure what that may be and you already have a Samanayr, please search the database until you find one with your name. For example, the database lists an owner as 'Jennalyn' next to several Sams. If I made my username 'Jenn', I would be unable to access the records of Sams entered under 'Jennalyn'.
- Please do not enter Samanayrs without an ID into the database. I'm currently doing this and assigning IDs as I go along.
- Once you've registered your account, all of your Samanayrs, Songs, and items should automatically appear in your member control center. If there's any issues, please post to the bug thead (linked below)!
- A Samanayr owner can edit all of their Samanayr's info except for name, so if you see any errors with the data of your own Samanayrs you can edit it yourself! For errors on other Samanayrs and for issues that you can't fix yourself (eg Samanayr name, username problems), please post in the bug thread on the forum:


Here's the link to the database itself!


Changes to Song registrationCollapse )
Geocities closing down

As you may or may not know, Geocities is closing and will be removing all Geocities webpages before the end of the year. Now's the time to move your webpage somewhere else!

In order to keep track of inactive Samanayrs and Songs hosted on Geocities, there's a post on the forum to collect the info for Geocities Samanayrs and a little subforum set up for Geocities Songs to be hosted in. If your Geocities pages do go down before you can get your Sam stuff off of them, hopefully you'll be able to find their info there.

Samanayrs on Ustream

If, like me, you're stuck at home with nothing better to do tonight, you could watch me draw Samanayrs on Ustream XD I did this for the first time last night and it was a lot of fun! I'll also be drawing a Samanayr live to give away to a random viewer. This was last night's Sam:

Samanayrs are still going strong, and I recently held a festival with various events. Although most of the events are now over, breedings and customs will still be open for the next week! There's a thread in the forum with more info on both!

I haven't been announcing events here because I'm not sure how many people actually read this community, but if there's a few of you around I'll try to remember to post things here too XD
29th-Dec-2008 10:36 am - First Samamayr expedition scheduled!
The first Samanayr expedition has been scheduled! An expedition is a chance to send your Samanayrs out into the world with their little carry-baskets to see what they can collect. Items that they find can be traded to the Sharians at the Expedition HQ for various items. Right now only Modiems are available, but since a breeding round is coming up soon, they'll be useful!

You never know, your Samanayr might even make a friend who decides to come live with you as well!

At the start of the expedition, I'll be posting a grid, and you choose the square from the grid you'd like your Samanayr to search. Every 15 minutes, you'll be able to search an additional square, and so on until they've all been searched. At the end, what was in each square will be revealed! Many of the squares will be empty, but some will contain items.

Check the forum on December 30, 11am PST for the expedition post!

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