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The City of Shar
First Samamayr expedition scheduled! 
29th-Dec-2008 10:36 am
The first Samanayr expedition has been scheduled! An expedition is a chance to send your Samanayrs out into the world with their little carry-baskets to see what they can collect. Items that they find can be traded to the Sharians at the Expedition HQ for various items. Right now only Modiems are available, but since a breeding round is coming up soon, they'll be useful!

You never know, your Samanayr might even make a friend who decides to come live with you as well!

At the start of the expedition, I'll be posting a grid, and you choose the square from the grid you'd like your Samanayr to search. Every 15 minutes, you'll be able to search an additional square, and so on until they've all been searched. At the end, what was in each square will be revealed! Many of the squares will be empty, but some will contain items.

Check the forum on December 30, 11am PST for the expedition post!

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