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The City of Shar
New Samanayr database! 
1st-Jun-2009 01:08 pm
Thanks to the awesome Jennalyn (from the Samanayr forums, not PI), the Samanayr website now has a searchable database and other awesome features :D

  • User accounts! You can register an account to view and edit your Samanayrs and Songs, and view your inventory.
  • Searchable Samanayr database! Search for Samanayrs by ID, owner, name, gender, species, or traits.
  • Samanayr lineage trees! You can view the parents of second-generation and further Samanayrs in awesome tables.
  • Searchable Song database! Songs can be searched by ID, name, or status. Custom descriptions can also be added by Song owners, and you can even host your Song exclusively on the database!
  • Inventory! View who has which items. Each item's type and value is also shown.
  • Database statistics! See how many Samanayrs there are of each gender, species, and trait,
  • see how many Samanayrs each owner has!

This is a very exciting update to the Samanayr website, and I'd like to give a huge thanks to Jennalyn and to everyone who helped out with the testing :D

Although this is super cool and I can't wait to have everyone playing around with it, please read the following rules and info first:

- Each person can only have one database account.
- Username must be exactly what you want placed in each Samanayr's 'Owner' category. If you are unsure what that may be and you already have a Samanayr, please search the database until you find one with your name. For example, the database lists an owner as 'Jennalyn' next to several Sams. If I made my username 'Jenn', I would be unable to access the records of Sams entered under 'Jennalyn'.
- Please do not enter Samanayrs without an ID into the database. I'm currently doing this and assigning IDs as I go along.
- Once you've registered your account, all of your Samanayrs, Songs, and items should automatically appear in your member control center. If there's any issues, please post to the bug thead (linked below)!
- A Samanayr owner can edit all of their Samanayr's info except for name, so if you see any errors with the data of your own Samanayrs you can edit it yourself! For errors on other Samanayrs and for issues that you can't fix yourself (eg Samanayr name, username problems), please post in the bug thread on the forum:


Here's the link to the database itself!


Changes to Song registration

Thanks to the new database, there's also been some changes to Song registration. The Song registration process is now as follows:

- Enter your Song's information into the database. You can do this when logged in through the member control center, and the Song info can be entered by the owner of the stallion or one of the mares.
- Once the Song has been entered, each mare's owner must update their mare's information to show that they're a member of the Song.
- When the Song info has been added, the stallion's owner must also post in this thread with the Song's name. I'll take a look at the new Song and assign it an ID number.

Easy enough, I hope XD
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