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The City of Shar
Drawing on Ustream, 200th Sam design contest! 
24th-Jun-2009 08:11 am

I'm going to be drawing today on Ustream starting at 1pm PDT, and as usual, a Samanayr will be drawn live and given away to a lucky random viewer! All you need to do to enter the draw is pop by the show and log into your Ustream account so that I can see you in the chat and know you were there.

Although there is a chat, it is G-rated and closely moderated by me. The show password is pickledfigs!


200th Sam design contest

Not the 200th Sam overall, but the 200th one since I started giving them ID numbers XD You can come enter your design over at the Samanayr forum, and the entry post also has more information about rules and prizes. The winner will have their design become the 200th Sam!

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